You tell me! Why would anyone let a junior HR person screen candidates for management and executive positions? Does it happen? Oh yes it does. Just see the article from a candidate further down this piece. 

I mean, if you are in a management position in your current job, how would you feel being interviewed and screened by a junior HR person, who is clearly both younger and has less life- and work experience than yourself? You see. I thought so.

Add to that the current demand and supply situation in Thailand for great candidates. Perhaps except Google, Apple and Line, the rest of us still find it quite a challenge to hire great people. It means the hiring process also becomes a sales activity. The hiring company must do their best to sell the job opportunity, present the employee value proposition why someone should resign from a current position to join their company. 

Too often, applicants and candidates are not treated with respect and it easily leads to good candidates rejecting a job offer. An irritable receptionist, waiting in the lobby area too long, entering a meeting room full of used coffee cups and a white board full of notes from the previous meeting, an amateur interviewer and so on and so on. All of the above, and more, will make great candidates think twice before accepting a job offer.