As we are coming to the end of the year, I wish all readers Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, here's to your success in 2017 by re-posting the Top 5 thought leadership articles of the year.  By a long shot. Enjoy, perhaps for a second time or perhaps for the first time.

Absurd and silly interview questions 

If you were a doughnut, what kind would you be? Are you a nerd? Can you count to 50?  

I couldn’t stop laughing when I recently read the list of naive and brainless interview questions that are used by insane HR departments around the world. The list was compiled by Anne Fisher, a contributor to Fortune magazine. But it gets worse!  

Top reasons why recruiters reject your resume 

And you may as well drop that photo of yourself. You can't win them all; the risk that the recruiter does not take a liking to your type will risk eliminating you early on. Even Miss Thailand may to some be too hi-so or beautiful to fit into the corporate environment - at least from the HR recruiter's perspective.  

Working period is another thing which can be difficult to get right. Some may think your two to three years in one job is a bit long whilst others may say it's on the short side. Do not show the period in bold and do not show it up front. Rather add it right after the company name or your position.  

Wrong handshake will eliminate you as a candidate

Not getting your handshake, the wai or bow correct, spells trouble ahead. When greeting someone, it could be a wai if you are Thai, a bow if you are Japanese, la bise (cheek kiss) to good friends if you are French, a firm handshake if you are American.  

If you are Thai meeting a farang (from America, Australia or Europe), you should expect to use a handshake as you introduce yourself. Many Thais struggle with the handshake and often get a meeting off to a really bad start because of a too weak and even wet handshake. 

Why accepting a counteroffer from a selfish employer will ruin your career

Losing a candidate to a counteroffer is a killer. Picture this: You are already many months into your search for that evasive talent you need to head whatever department. You are finally down to that one person who you believe will make the difference. Your favourite candidate has indicated an intention to join and an offer has been negotiated. Both parties have agreed and you have it on paper. The head office and your local organisation have already been informed about the new arrival. A sigh of relief. But then, the dreaded phone call comes in! 

It's not them (candidates) - it's you screwing up!

Executives tell me that good people are hard to find these days and the best ones have headhunters calling or emailing them night and day. Perhaps you are one of those being hunted?  Anyway, the irony is that these same companies continue with old hiring practices and strategies and still have their heads in the sand (a.k.a ostrich syndrome). Let me tell you, to secure top talent, you’ve got to act quickly. A recruitment process which is frustrating and takes forever will lose you good candidates, no matter how fantastic your company and the role is.