Believe it or not, some companies are still using yesterday's recruitment techniques to find, interview and hire people. Yesterday means what you did 20 years ago. Helllooo, we are almost in 2017.

It's the same kind of companies who advertise CEO jobs on internet job boards [amateurs], who believe LinkedIn is the answer to all recruitment needs [are you kidding me], who look down with arrogance on people coming for an interview [try a taste of your own medicine], and who start an interview by asking the candidate to fill in an application form even they already have a resume on hand [old fashioned]. 

I got this mail the other day from a candidate: 

"I was at another interview today. They wanted me to fill out an application form that reminded me of high school. It was even worse than filling out my first application for a job washing dishes when I was 15. 

I told them that I had spent plenty of time on my resume and that I was not going to give details about my Mom's education and age, the colour of my father's hair etc. 

Well, they offered me the job. Needless to say, I declined their offer."

Look, the war for talent has been going on for years. If you don't change with times and make the recruitment process pleasant, professional, friendly and quick, you are shooting yourself in the foot. 

Tip: to assess qualification of candidates, use the resume and prepare yourself with some intelligent behaviour-based interview questions. That old-fashioned form may be used on the first day of employment. It has absolutely no use during the interview process.