If it's one of your dreams to become a successful headhunter, please continue reading. I am now hiring recruitment consultants for my own team. Join me so I can teach you international best recruitment practice. You will learn and master unique skills that will elevate you to be a superstar in the profession. Invest in your own career development by joining a real retained executive search firm.

… it will enable you to live a life of massive personal freedom.

Please call me on 08 1917 5828 so we can talk about which of the vacant positions suit you best. 

  • We are a learning organisation that emphasises continuous training of our consultants.
  • We only want the best. Are you one of them?
  • I select recruitment consultants on their ability to contact people on the telephone who we typically do not know beforehand.
  • You must be able to find names of potential candidates who could be our targets.
  • You need to get through the "gatekeeper" (the receptionists, switchboard and secretaries) to present and sell job opportunities that will inspire the potential candidates.
  • To be successful you must really love to talk to strangers and not be afraid of the telephone.
  • You need courage and confidence.

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Great recruiters make it happen through hard work, making the right calls, building relationships, interacting with candidates, understanding the opportunity gap in a candidate's current situation, determining the decision-making criteria a candidate will use to make a change, working with a candidate to help them land a better opportunity, and navigating the delicate minefields that are offers, negotiations, counteroffers, and notice-giving. At the end of it all, you impress by presenting top, qualified candidates within a short timeframe. All that's just a highlight of the things great recruiters do well. 

Don't wait, pick up the phone now and call me.

Let's talk about which of the vacant positions fit you best. Call my personal mobile: 08 1917 5828.