Executives tell me that good people are hard to find these days and the best ones have headhunters calling or emailing them night and day. Perhaps you are one of those being hunted? 

Anyway, the irony is that these same companies continue with old hiring practices and strategies and still have their heads in the sand (a.k.a ostrich syndrome). Let me tell you, to secure top talent, you’ve got to act quickly. A recruitment process which is frustrating and takes forever will lose you good candidates, no matter how fantastic your company and the role is.

Here are six reasons why great candidates opt out of your recruitment process and will badmouth you forever:

  1. Your receptionist was not informed beforehand, that a VIC (very important candidate) is coming for an interview. 
  2. The meeting room for the interview is not ready, the white board not cleaned, chairs not pulled in nicely to the table, and old coffee cups are all over the place.
  3. The interviewer arrives late for the meeting and clearly has just seen the resume on the way to the meeting room. 
  4. The interviewer is arrogant and believes that the candidates from the executive search firms are like applicants who badly need a job. 
  5. Some 80% of the interview time goes with telling the candidates about the company and the job, leaving little time to conduct a structured interview that will properly assess the candidate's qualifications. 
  6. The candidate never gets any regular update from you about the status of the employment process and may not even be informed that another person has been hired for the position.