Most candidates on Thai internet job boards, you know who they are, earn less than 100,000 baht a month, have less than 10 years work experience and are not yet 30 years of age. 

Does that sound like a great place to find your next Managing Director, CFO or Regional Marketing Manager? I don't think so.

The million-dollar question is why hiring managers still let third party recruiters post senior management vacancies on the job boards, like JobsDB, Top Gun, LinkedIn and others. 

If you are a hiring manager or HR Manager, you should ask the recruiter about their search strategy and where they plan to find the candidates for you. If their main strategy is to post your job on the job boards, please think twice and even consider placing the advertisement yourself. 

Only 24% of LinkedIn members are active users. For Thailand, it means about 400,000 people. Compare that to six million candidates who have a higher degree (master and bachelor) that should be the pool to hunt from. 

For management positions, why not consider executive search firms who hunt people for a living and who know how to find and seduce people on their client's behalf?