Even though the number of LinkedIn users in Thailand has increased considerably over the last few years, there are still just over a million registered users in Thailand. That number represents less than 20% of people here who hold a higher degree, i.e. bachelor or master degrees. 

According to official statistics, there are six million people in Thailand with a higher degree. That's the group of candidates most companies would love to hire from.

But remember this, when you go shopping and hunting on LinkedIn, the 20% means you are fishing for talent in a very small pool of candidates. You have made a choice to exclude 80% of those higher educated candidates. Why would you do that?

The big regional players on LinkedIn is first and foremost India with 37 million members. India retains its spot as the second largest global market in member base terms, after the US, and India is by far the largest LinkedIn member market in APAC. China currently accounts for more than 23 million members, while Australia has 8 million members.