Stupid things interviewers do include being arrogant and looking down on applicants or candidates coming for an interview (this is the number 1 cause of offer rejection).

Other stupid policies that were normal 25 years ago include filling in application forms, rescheduling interviews, taking phone calls during interviews, keeping candidates waiting, being disorganized or asking silly questions. And talking 90% of the time because you were not prepared.

It is said that 50% (or more) of marriages end in divorce. That’s a scary prospect which makes many think hard before proposing or walking down the isle. So why is it such a surprise that many employee and employer relationships end in what I call “recruitment divorce’: Employee Leaves Employer.

The love at first sight during the interview process often turns sour because the assessment was artificial and the employer fell for the candidate’s well practiced dance.

Too many get duped into assessing presentation over performance. You have just been outmaneuvered by a candidate who had prepared better than you. Basically, you have fallen victim to the 4A syndrome.

I know the feeling. You have been hunting for that special talent for months. You received a decent resume. In front of you sit a person who is:

  1. Articulate
  2. Assertive
  3. Attractive
  4. Affable

It’s your lucky day. You tell yourself to stop on the way home to buy a book of lottery tickets.

Here’s the problem when you get trapped and are fooled by a candidate’s presentation. You start talking too much; you use the rest of the interview to confirm that first impression; you stop probing and instead of asking tougher questions, you lift the foot from the pedal and go easy. You are now measuring style and not the substance you are paid to do. Don’t forget that energy and enthusiasm is definitely not the same as motivation.

You hire people you should not have…

…and don't hire the people you should.