Grant Thornton had originally predicted Thailand's growth at 3.6% for 2016 so this gentle breeze of optimism would be very welcome.

However even if we discount the possibility of a Brexit, a US distracted by a controversial US election and China's continued slowing growth, one does not hear these sentiments generally in networking events with business leaders in Thailand. 

Infrastructure projects are very useful for medium and long term growth but they generally to not have a wide disbursement within the local economy - at least in the short term. Also one has to remember the rising household debt is really unrealised future consumption and revenue.

Also according to a leading economist Thailand needs to achieve a GDP growth of 4% to "stand still". Growth in excess of that is required to provide real expansion of the economy.

So whilst it is excellent to see these embers of optimisim in growth in our nascent economy which would bring growth in to line with our original projections, it still needs considerable wafting to turn into a sustained source of optimism.