As a headhunter or corporate recruiter you live a career that resembles a roller coaster ride. Those of us who are in the business of helping clients and hiring managers, to find candidates they can't find themselves, are indeed lied to, cheated and manipulated.

There are of course also good days, there are many good days in fact. When a recruiter gets a super candidate into the process and finishes the search with a signed employment agreement, we celebrate. The roller coast is at its peak.

Then we have days where it turns out that the MBA on the resume was actually not completed, or when the candidate merged two employment periods with two different companies into one period and one company - but now gets caught in a reference check. 

We have lows when the candidate has signed the employment agreement, but calls a few days later to say he will not join anyway (took the counter offer), or a candidate who starts in a new job and only weeks into the new employment resigns. 

I wonder if lie detectors will become part of recruitment one day? Oh well.