And you may as well drop that photo of yourself. You can't win them all; the risk that the recruiter does not take a liking to your type will risk eliminating you early on. Even Miss Thailand may to some be too hi-so or beautiful to fit into the corporate environment - at least from the HR recruiter's perspective.

Working period is another thing which can be difficult to get right. Some may think your two to three years in one job is a bit long whilst others may say it's on the short side. Do not show the period in bold and do not show it up front. Rather add it right after the company name or your position. 

Don't write a lot about your responsibility; instead write what you did with the responsibility. What did you accomplish and achieve? 

Stop writing that references is available upon request. Of course it is! And whether you like it or not, we will go ahead and call former employers anyway. Keep the space for something about yourself.

Remember, the resume only has one purpose:

To get you an appointment and interview.