Too many hiring companies still think that the supply of people (applicants, candidates) is bottomless, and that they can take forever to make their decision. How many people are queueing up outside your office to apply for a job? When the unemployment rate in Thailand is less than one percent, Is it not common sense that good candidates are like hot cakes? It's hilarious to watch the arrogance displayed by some hiring managers, when they call in a candidate five times to interview. Mind you, five times as in five different days.

Candidates with ten annual leave days have just used 50% of their yearly vacation entitlement to take time off for the interviews. Many hiring companies also involve some HR or regional manager, who may sit in South America or in Spain. I mean, if the local Managing Director is in charge of the business in Thailand and knows the Thai culture, why can he not make the call to hire or not? What on earth is a distant manager in a far away country going to add of value?