Too many go for a job interview without having a plan and without any preparation at all. If this is how you do it, your odds of making a positive impression is beyond zero. You better keep that half day of annual leave for something more exciting.

Do your homework. Research the company and be prepared with a good level of knowledge. You should know enough to show our client that you respect the opportunity and you respect their time. A good starting point is to look up their website.   

The company has a copy of your resume and has prepared questions based on the information you have given. Make sure that you have read your own resume several times just prior to the meeting. It is vital that you can explain or clarify in details any questions the client have about statements and claims on your resume. Think about your skills, qualifications and experience and ensure that you can talk confidently about what is written.

It is a good idea to bring your resume along for the meeting and I recommend that you place it on the table in front of you. Remember to switch off your mobile telephone before the meeting! 

Prepare some questions to ask at the interview. At the first interview it would be wise to restrict your questions to the details of the job and the organisation. Never ask questions about salary and benefits, they are best left until a second interview or a job offer is made. Place the paper with your questions under the resume until the time comes for your questions. 

You may need to get a pass at the lobby counter so bring your driving license or anything else with a photo. Be on time! Plan your journey beforehand to ensure you arrive 5-10 minutes early. Do not come too early, like 30-60 minutes, as the interviewer is most likely busy with something else, for example preparing for the interview with you.

Be polite to every employee you meet - the receptionist, yes, but also the secretary etc. You need to mind your manners all the time. Allow for possible delays because of traffic. Just in case of a major hold up, make sure you have your contact's telephone number so that you can call if you think or can see you will be late.