A recruiter just needs a mobile phone, a laptop and a network of friends. A very small investment and any Tom, Dick and Harry can call themselves a recruitment agency.

Many recruitment agencies keep their costs down by operating from small premises off the beaten track. Such offices have no proper meeting room facilities where face-to-face interviews can take place in a quiet professional environment.

There are still many recruitment companies who are not licensed by the Ministry of Labour in Thailand as required by law; so they operate an illegal business. Thailand's Recruitment and Job Seekers Protection Act of B.E. 2528 (1985) requires a recruitment company to hold a license. Recruitment companies report their activities on a monthly basis to the ministry.

Because of limited office space, if any space at all, the recruitment agency will use Starbucks, hotel lobbies and similar public space to meet and interview the potential candidates. What do you think these candidates will think about your company as an employer, once the agency presents your company profile? How would you feel yourself, sitting in a coffee shop whilst trying to focus with people all over and around you? And at the same time present yourself while other café guests stare and listen?

Recommendation: For the very first meeting you have with the recruiter, ask to meet the recruitment agency at their office, so you can assess their facilities and premises and what your candidates eventually will experience? Ask yourself if the surroundings match what your company will want to associate with. Ask the recruiter where they interview candidates?

To check if your recruiter operates legally, simply ask for their recruitment license number. Example, Grant Thornton has license number 1138/2549 with 2549 being the year we first registered.