What could possibly be the reasons for firing your client? Being a headhunter in Thailand for almost ten years, I have uncovered talented candidates but then watched as the client messed it up. 

Rest assured that your favourite headhunter would want to complete your assignment as soon as possible just as much as you do. Search firms are the extended arm of your company and they are your best connection to the outside world when it comes to finding top candidates. 

By definition search assignments are difficult-to-fill positions. Please keep in mind that executive search firms specialise in this field and have the capability of finding qualified and hard-to-secure talented candidates. 

Client mistake 1: To have any chance of selling the client’s job to someone who does not need a job, we must build an interest for the candidate to want to work for your organisation. After all, you cannot hire someone who does not want to work for your company. We need to work out an Employee Value Proposition. What do you answer when the candidate asks why he should come and work for you? 

Unless you work for Apple, Google or Starbucks, I tell you, to develop a value proposition is very stressful and not at all as easy as it sounds. It’s going to be up to you to attract them to your organisation, to pull them over the line so to speak. You must convince them that their careers will be better served with your organisation than where they are. Smart clients know all this and have answers ready. 

Clients who still live in the past, will probably still sit wondering what happened.