Don’t accept working with a recruiter who interviews your candidates at Starbucks. Many recruitment agencies keep their costs down by operating from small premises off the beaten track. What they don’t tell you is that because of limited office space, if any space at all, the recruitment agency will use cafes, hotel lobbies and similar public spaces to meet and interview the potential candidates. What do you think these candidates will think about your company once the agency presents your company profile? How would you feel sitting in a coffee shop trying to focus with people all around you, and at the same time present yourself while other café guests stare and listen?

Headhunting candidates by approaching hot targets through a telephone cold-call is a very different animal to shopping on the Internet. They don’t tell you that approaching people via telephone, or cold calling, takes a lot of training, practice, resilience, experience, guts, and courage. This is not for everyone and why less-trained recruiters prefer to place an advertisement on the Internet, then sit back and let applications come to them.

You can compare a recruitment agency’s work to playing a lottery. They are not paid if their client does not hire their candidate. Now here is something unbelievable and ironic – many agencies struggle to make any profit because so much of their work results in no fee income; the simple reason being that they find no matching profile in their database and network, or worse, a competing agency was quicker and already got a foot in the door with a great candidate match.

Because of the nature of how recruitment agencies work, it is really first come first served. In other words, the agency that presents a candidate first has a good chance of making the placement and gaining the fee. So how do you think this stress will impact the quality of work by the agency? Yes, you are right, it’s ridiculous.